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Liquid Paint Equipment

Tape Industrial carries a complete line of paint application equipment, including air spray, HVLP, airless, air assisted airless and electrostatics.

We offer all related accessories such as supply tanks and pumps, hose assemblies and fittings, regulation devices, and complete systems or packages to fit your requirements.  We represent the leaders of the industry, including Graco, Nordson, Sata, Dux,  Iwata, Mattson and many others.

Sealants and Adhesives

From the thinnest sprayable adhesives to the heaviest urethanes, if it can be pumped, Tape industrial has the equipment to move it, meter it and apply it.  We can design the most appropriate system for your process through working with you and/or your material manufacturer.  We represent Graco, the world wide leader in pumping and dispensing, and Sealant Equipment and Engineering, the premier dispense valve manufacturer.

Hot Melt equipment is designed to handle waxes, adhesives and sealants over a wide range of application temps with a high level of consistency, Graco's Therm-O-Flow hot melt equipment provides years of reliable service.  It does not matter if you are using chips, bricks, black or bulk drums, or how you want to apply it-extrude, swirl or spray- we can put the right system together for you.

Foam and RIM Equipment

Tape Industrial is pleased to offer Graco teo component foam mixing equipment.  Graco equipment is engineered for accuracy in pouring and spraying, with precision temperature and pressure control.  Systems are controlled by control module or PLC for many different volumetric shot sizes.  Valves are available in many different configurations from manual pour to automatic robotic applicator.

Paint Booths - Liquid and Powder

No matter whether your finishing operation is liquid painting or powder coating, the spray booth is an important factor.  Tape Industrial offers a complete line of industrial and automotive spray booths, including one man manual booths to multi-booth automatic, conveyorized systems.  The controls you need are available in a simple on/off panel or PLC-based panel with all the "bells and whisles" we can design for a booth.  Paint booth manufactures we represent are Global finishing Solution and Nordson.

Powder Coating Equipment

Thinking about making the switch to powder? Unhappy with your current equipment? Contact Tape Industrial for the latest technology, from manual systems to complete automatic recovery systems.  Let us show you all the powder equipment Nordson has to offer.